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Glogster Poster Creator

Glogster is a slightly odd concept – one of those things that you wonder ‘what is it actually for?’. Well, what it’s for is creating online posters using a very simple set of tools that allow you to create layouts including images, text, graphics, audio and video. Why?

Well, just think of all those times when you ask pupils to create poster-like documents to make use of their recently-acquired knowledge and ability to talk about their home, pets, school, whatever. The default medium is usually Word, which is fine in many ways, but the point about Glogster is that it reflects much more closely the way kids are used to being creative when they are playing about on their Facebooks or wherever they spend their evenings and weekends. Have a look at it and you’ll see what I mean. I tried one out fairly randomly, just to see how it operates. The rather tragic result is shown above as an image: the real thing may be seen here.

One limitation concerns (as so often) the acceptance of accented characters – you are restricted to one Arial-style font for this. One thing I didn’t get to work is the rather cool way images can be made to zoom out when selected. But it’s capable of really striking things when you put your mind to it. Just look at this extraordinary one about Hallowe’en!

Worth a try next time your pupils want to create a poster? I think so.



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