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A while back I wrote a post about Word Magnets, a great IWB tool from that clever man David at Triptico. On re-visiting the site recently, I was struck by how many excellent resources are available on the site. Often just clever packaging in Flash of simple everyday things, there are tools to fit many classroom situations.

I particularly like the random student selector, which will generate lots of tension! Or the score board for team games. There is a nice simple but very clear timer which will count up or down and, for quick activities, a one minute countdown timer. For teaching the time, there is a clock that will generate random times – a simple idea brilliantly done. For those Rolf Harris ‘can you tell what it is yet?’ situations, you can use the image spotlight. If you want a calculator for the IWB, you’ve got one. And then there’s Draft It, one of those tools you think there must be a use for …..

All in all, a really useful site that will help out in lots of situations. And just to show I’m not biased, you might also be interested in what the Sandfields site has to offer, too.



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