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Paper-free MFL

Scrunched up paperTwo or three years ago, fed up with carting piles of exercise books to and from school, I ditched them in favour of homework completed and submitted electronically, using Acrobat.com(like Google docs but much nicer). I haven’t looked back since. About the same time, I tried with a small teaching set to go completely paper free. The Asus 7 inch eee pc netbooks were all the rage and we had some of those. Which were fine, even when Marietta tried pouring orange juice over the keyboard of her machine. That project died a death for two reasons: (1) my taking a sabbatical part way through the year, and (2) the failure of the existing wireless network in School to get anyway close to working.

So the installation of what seems to be a highly effective wireless network over the summer break and the School’s plans to run a number of mobile device pilots this year rekindled my enthusiasm and made me think about giving the paper-free thing another go.

The plan? To see if you can teach a modern language without the teacher or the students using paper in the process. Can we do it? Who knows, but we are going to give it a go.

Those interested can follow our brave attempt on our blog paperfreemfl. Advice from anyone on the same journey or who has successful experience of doing this would be most welcome!