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YouTube in PowerPoint

Now how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint might not exactly be breaking news, but the reason it came to my attention again was that, in preparing for a training presentation last week, I discovered to my horror that the ‘old embed code’ option had been removed from YouTube. Cue non-functional embedded videos.

So, a few days after that, having abandoned demonstrating embeds, I set out to see if the old-school and rather more complicated way still worked. In discovering it did, I was even more pleased (if rather puzzled) to find out that the ‘old embed code’ option had returned to YouTube as mysteriously as it had disappeared.The result? I was now reassured that there are two ways to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint and both work.

If you click on the menu button (second from right) on the embedded player above and choose Download a copy you can find out the details of both methods by watching in slideshow mode. You will probably need to enable editing and then enable content to get the real deal. If you haven’t got PowerPoint running or just want the quick fix there is a pdf version here.


Embed a Storybird

The first thing to admit is that the Storybird below is not embedded, just linked. That’s because this is a WordPress.com blog. However, you can embed non-published Storybirds on most other platforms and so get around the problem languages teachers face because Storybird won’t currently authorise stories created in languages other than English.


The workaround is simply to edit the embed code used for published Storybirds to include the details of your story. The full details of how to do this (it’s easier than it may look) are here. And if you want to see the end result, I have embedded a non-approved Storybird here. In the meantime, I still have to work it out for WordPress.com …….