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Now this is quite an interesting website which has a few tricks up its sleeve. Firstly, it offers online dictionaries in a range of languages from or into English. In the usual way, you type in a word and suitable translations are offered. Where Lingro differs is that it has an intuitive function so that suggested translations appear as you type in your word. It really is pretty fast, as it claims to be, and – as it is largely based on Wiktionary – the vocabulary base will continue to increase.

Lingro Dictionary












Its second trick is to offer a web viewer – very similar to what Wordchamp does, though admittedly not quite as well. Insert a web address and you can view the web page within the viewer and clicking on a word will pull up a translation or translations in a neat little box. Click on the word again to close the box. You can set the languages to translate into and from at the bottom of the page, as with the dictionary. Lingro gets one back on Wordchamp by offering a browser plug-in that allows you to go to a web page, activate the plugin (in IE it’s a bookmark or favorite) and you automatically see it in clickable translation mode. Very nice.

Lingro Web Viewer












Its third trick – also one up on Wordchamp – is that there is a file viewer which allows you to pull up, say, a Word document or a pdf in a viewer that offers the same click-on-a-word translation facility as for web pages.

Google, as we all know, can create pretty effective translated versions of complete web pages, but the approach offered by sites such as Lingro are more useful for language learners and teachers. Give it a go sometime.