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Break free from the IWB

The interactive whiteboard has certainly been one of the great breakthroughs in teaching of the past decade, but, initially at least, it did nothing to liberate the teacher from the front of the classroom. You were still stuck there, either tapping frantically on the board or dashing across to your computer keyboard and doing the tapping there  to keep things rolling. A remote was of course the answer. Until recently I had a rather ancient bit of kit held together with parcel tape and boasting a very slow facility to move the mouse pointer around the screen. Not very dynamic. After seeing a presenter use a gyroscopic mouse very effectively a couple of years ago at some conference or other I realised that was the way forward. And finally I’ve got one!

Gyration Air Mouse

I went for this fairly basic gyroscopic air mouse as it seemed to offer all I might need in the classroom and first impressions suggest it does. It takes but moments to set up and not much longer to get the hang of waving it around after the manner of a Wii remote. It’s pretty speedy and accurate and one of its benefits is that you can switch in an instant from using it as a normal mouse on a desktop at the back of the classroom to using it in air mode as you stride purposefully amongst your class. You can programme it to recognise gestures and assign particular actions to the three spare buttons, eg to provide a pointer or go back a page or whatever. And it’s really portable: the USB dongle fits right inside the mouse and there is sweet little mesh pouch to slip it into. Stick it in your pocket and you’re off. So far so absolutely brilliant. Everyone should have one!