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Strip Generator

Just thought it might be worthwhile flagging up the potential usefulness of Strip Generator, a web-based tool for creating simple cartoon strips. I came across it some time ago but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. As the cartoon strip generally depends on an exchange of conversation, it would seem to be ideal for creating an exemplar template for simple exchanges such as this one for beginners’ German greetings.


It looks better full-size, honest! Anyway, they are very simple to create and you can include a lot more in the way of visuals than I have in this one. My thought is that you could provide an example conversation, then perhaps have the pupils create their own versions as a class or homework task.

The site is called Strip Generator and it allows you either to create a one-off cartoon strip or set up your own strip blog and so save all the strips you create. I have a few German ones saved so far on a kesmfl strip blog. Here’s another one from it.

Wohin bist du gefahren

This particular one I have linked into my Moodle 2nd year German site. To do this you need to get your strip off the site and ito a jpg format.The best way I have found to do this is by using Gadwin Print Screen, a little programme that you can easily down load from the Gadwin site. You want the freeware version, not the Professional one. Once you have this on your PC or laptop, when you have your strip up on screen, you press the PrintScreen button and you can save an image of what is on your computer screen.

Then you open up that image and edit it in Windows Picture Manager. Choose Edit Pictures and crop it so you just have the cartoon strip itself then re-save it. You can compress the file as well, if you want. Now you have an image file of your cartoon strip which you can upload to your Moodle site in the usual way.

I think there’s some mileage in this simple little application. I’d be interested to know what others think.